June 2, 2008

Academic offspring terminology needed

One of my colleagues at USF gave birth over the weekend, and coming on the heels of a few engagement announcements, it's another bit of welcome news. The world needs that, I think.

One of the great changes in academe over the past half-century is that institutions are becoming more accommodating of family life. Not that much in the U.S., compared to other countries (see yesterday's entry on busy academics), but over the 12 years I've been at USF, department colleagues have had or adopted over a dozen children, a few colleagues have become grandparents, and there have been plenty of graduate students who have had children while in our department. Especially in a college of education, that keeps us honest.

I know my own children are cynical about my academic pursuits, in part because they are teenagers and cynical about a lot of my life and in part because they've heard my spouse and I chat about work and pick up the work politics. So what is the right term for children of faculty? There should be one, to parallel military brat or red-diaper baby. Book brood just doesn't seem right. Suggest terms in the comments!

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