June 29, 2008

Day off

After the fourth all-day Saturday class in June (i.e., yesterday), when I wasn't feeling well, I collapsed at home and decided I'd take today off. And I have. I'll need to gear up tomorrow morning for a day of catch-up, but there are only a few things to fix on tomorrow's EPAA article, and without the pressure of organizing a class for this Saturday, I can get back to a bunch of things that have been on the back burner. Or, at least, one thing at a time.

I've been wondering what to do on Friday, since I don't engage in paid work on holidays. It's the 4th, so I'm inclined to do something as a citizen-historian and finish my review of the draft social-studies standards for the state. We have sparklers, and if it's not pouring (which it often does in Florida on the 4th), we'll be able to use them.

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