July 31, 2008

Oh, wait: maybe the unions aren't responsible for everything

About the NCTQ report released recently and my observations about alternative explanations of interstate similarities, maybe the new Achieve report on the development of similar academic expectations in math and English is the best counter-example, since Achieve takes credit for convergence of standards documents. Well, they goofed, too, since their only evidence comes from American Diploma Project (ADP) states, and I suspect that states are slowly converging in similar content areas. Essentially, state academic standards documents are becoming part of the script of "real school" (or "real education policy"), to borrow from Mary Metz's paper some years ago.

How this translates into better teaching in middle and high school is not clear to me, since most of the "core" standards that the report identifies are fairly old expectations (probably why it's easy to achieve consensus on them). Wasn't distinguishing fact from opinion a basic task in your elementary-school classrooms?

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