September 8, 2008

Monday bits

I didn't have time this weekend to write a lengthy, thoughtful post, or even a lengthy and thoughtless piece, so you get bits this morning.

  • Reserving Mondays: I've shut off my e-mail for now to get some editing tasks done, and I'll see if I can reserve Mondays for selfish purposes for the entire semester. Wish me luck on this one!
  • Honesty: the Palm Beach Post's editorial board approves a draft change in calculating graduation rates in Florida. Kudos to Florida's commissioner of education, Eric Smith, for pushing this. (Disclosure: I've given a few ideas to the state department of ed on options for how to handle graduation in 5, 6 years, etc.)
  • Sunday morning grading: I got out to a coffeehouse early yesterday to read my first batch of undergraduate papers. Several brought smiles to my face with great writing, provocative ideas, or both. That's a good sign for the semester.
  • Fetishized vs. nonfetishized curricula: I wonder how the history of the Core Knowledge Foundation would have been different if E.D. Hirsch had thought to frame the issue not just as accumulating tiny bits of knowledge (how Herbartian of him!) and instead had framed it as a matter of both a knowledge base in different disciplines and the heuristic frameworks of those disciplines.
  • I know I have at least a below-the-radar version of a head cold because I've had moments of earache in the last day, I had less energy over the weekend than I normally do, and I was sure last night that a mashup of Timothy Burke's guide to historical arguments and Atlas Games's Once Upon a Time would make a great introduction to historiography.

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