September 10, 2008

Mostly bright spots

Miscellaneous thoughts after being on campus for about nine hours:

  • It's wonderful having a graduate assistant help with preparing manuscripts. I am now several weeks ahead on getting the next article to publication for Education Policy Analysis Archives, so I can focus the next few Mondays on review-work catchup.
  • I think I'm recovering from the cold that struck a few days ago. I need to stay away for a few more days from a friend/coworker who Does Not Need An Infectious Disease.
  • Obama's education speech in Ohio has irritated Checker Finn, pleased DFERs and AFT President Randi Weingarten, and will probably be the last substantive thing said on education in the campaign.
  • The online class has begun to slip into a regular routine each week. This is good.
  • I tried using Poll Everywhere in my undergrad class yesterday morning. It worked, reasonably, for the few things I wanted it to do. Don't worry, Margaret: I haven't slipped over COMPLETELY to the dark side. Yet.
  • What did faculty joke about on transitions to administration before Star Wars and "the Dark Side"?
  • New Orleans didn't need Ike, true. That doesn't mean Texas needs it any more.
  • My nephew's bar mitzvah is this Saturday. My daughter may try to visit a college while we're there. I'm not sure my poor brain can handle all that activity on a weekend.
  • I think I can boil down the change-ESEA list that's in my head. Watch out, manifestistas! Or is that manifestoistas? Manifistas? Dang, I need to learn Esperanto to come up with jargon that just trips off the tongue like "misunderestimate."
  • I still like Falstaff as a character.

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