October 2, 2008

Worst. Gates. Mistake. Ever?

Prince George's County superintendent John Deasy is becoming deputy director of the Gates Foundation. The Washington Post article on the topic buries the scandal that enveloped the University of Louisville around Deasy's diploma, awarded after one semester of work at the University of Louisville and after Deasy's former district awarded the center run by the person who later became education dean at Louisville (and Deasy's advisor) a six-figure contract. There may also be other problems with the resume Deasy used in applying to the Prince George's position. Ouch.

After the Franchised Small Schools Initiative and the then-fabulous-but-now-defunded EDIN08 project, this may become one more embarrassment to the Gates Foundation.

(Note to Mike Petrilli: Of course Deasy should have due process, and we'll see what the University of Louisville does with its review of his diploma. The fundamental problem is not about the credential but what you claim is your background. I'm never going to claim I'm a biochemist or a jet pilot, and I'll never apply to positions asserting that, either.)

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