October 6, 2008

Data, phooie!

Eduwonkette scoops everyone else lots of other folks by reporting on the case of Art Siebens, fired from a DC high school though the first blush of available evidence suggests he was a pretty darned good teacher. Maybe he had done something wrong, or maybe he was just in the wrong school at the wrong time and the decisions in the District of Columbia school system are brain-dead despite Superintendent Rhee's claims that the public should just trust her on personnel matters.

Correction 1: I misspelled Siebens name with an extra t, so my blog search came up empty. Credit to Ed Notes Online, DC City Desk, and Fred Klonsky. Special mention to the Wilson Minority Parents Alliance for providing facial documentation of Rhee's direct approval over the summer.

Correction 2: As one comment noted, I didn't catch the other Wilson Minority Parents Alliance entry, which shows a very different side of the group.

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