October 23, 2008

Conference Season: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Last weekend was the Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly. Tomorrow starts the Social Science History Association annual meeting. Two weeks from tomorrow? History of Education Society meeting.

The Good

  • They're all in Florida; FEA DA was downtown Tampa, and HES will be downtown St Pete. (SSHA is in Miami.)
  • I finished the papers for SSHA and HES, and while I am not particularly proud of the timing, the dates I e-mailed them to discussants wasn't this week, either.
  • I've found the GPS device I will need to find the hotel tomorrow in Miami, akin to packing medications, shampoo, and brain.
  • I found Dirty Laundry tonight in time to make it Clean Laundry.
  • I've loaded up the iPod with Stuff to Hear along I-75.
  • I've caught up with grading in my undergraduate class.
  • I will get to watch two of the World Series games (on TV) while in Miami.
  • My hotel is a few blocks away from the conference hotel (which was full), is cheaper, and has no-added-cost wifi.
  • I won one of the World Series games 1-2 lottery slots, and I decided not to buy two tickets to Game 1 (for $100+ per ticket).

The Bad

  • The Rays lost, 3-2.
  • While SSHA is in-state, it's in Miami, 5 hrs away.
  • I still have loads of backlog and another weekend set of meetings.
  • I still need to pack.
  • I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

The Ugly

Just look at the time stamp; my alarm is set for 5:15. A. M.

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