October 31, 2008

NCLB regs and graduation rates

A few quick ones this morning, while my brain warms up... So the new NCLB regulations are out. (Or, rather, they were out a few days ago, but I've been putting out fires while in the midst of a cold, and this was a lower priority.) Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Laura Diamond asked on Wednesday, Will NCLB changes improve grad rates? The obvious answer is yes and no: yes, the measures mandated by the federal government will be much better than the goat-rodeo world of dropout measures that currently exists, but, no, better measures will not move the world in themselves. After almost two decades of looking at attainment and dropout-prevention and -remediation programs, I am no longer surprised when people look to vocational education, personal counseling, and (these days) credit-recovery programs as solutions to dropping out. They may all be good on a small-scale basis with some students, but I worry when people reinvent the wheel and think they're hot stuff.

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