December 1, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Be Glad You're Not on a Transition Task Force

Speaking for the approximately 300 million of us who are not on one of the Obama-Biden transition task forces, I can say that we're all horribly disappointed. So to cheer us all up, here's a list of reasons why we're secretly glad we're not among the top movers and shakers in the next two months:

10. Can ring up all of that lobbyist easy money instead.

9. Too busy working on perpetual motion machine to solve world's energy problems, remove the threat of a global climate crisis, and stop the impending global depression.

8. Too much eggnog at holiday party? No Matt Drudge to worry about!

7. More time for online shopping today.

6. Won't have president-elect/Mr. Constitutional Law Professor interjecting himself into water-cooler debate about church and state and religious displays.

5. Have time instead to read favorite book on education policy, Accountability Frankenstein.

4. Can finally get Step 13 completed in Bill Ayers' Master Plan for Ruling the Universe (cell codename "Roger", control contact "Brandi" at Palmer House Hilton, behind translucent plastic sheeting in construction area).

3. There is a great need for someone to start the new Facebook group, Why I'm Upset I Wasn't Immediately Named Obama's Internet Guru: sure to get 3 million friends.

2. Working on transition task force would delay filing for unemployment benefits. 

And the Number One reason why you should be glad you're not on a transition task force:

1. Really don't want to be remembered by Rahm Emanuel as "that idiot who gave me the worst head cold in my life."

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