December 5, 2008

Friday tidbits

  • The Daily Howler notes that the New York Times printed the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education report claiming that there had been 400+% increase in tuition over 25 years... and then claimed that the figure had been adjusted for inflation. Right. Chalk up another great journalistic victory for the Times, which apparently never just reprints press releases... without mangling at least one fact. (Hat tip.)
  • All the talk about a stimulus package including school construction ignores the fact that most of those projects are probably not "shovel-ready." In contrast, there are probably plans to rebuild bridges and highway overpasses. Or, given what would happen if Al-Qaeda dropped critical interstate connections, I hope that there are ready-to-go plans in every state transportation office. The gist is that school construction projects are not going to be the fastest projects off the drawing board.
  • Along with building schools, maybe we should think about stringing better fiber-optic networks within state systems of higher education. State officials who listen to Larry Smarr's presentation (or watch the multimedia) at this year's Educause conference would be smart to think about how such networks could reshape higher education.
  • More generally, kudos to this year's Educause conference organizers; as I've been driving around this month, I've been highly impressed by the podcasts of sessions.
  • A public mea culpa on my error in Wednesday's entry about cognition. Kevin Carey, yes you're right; you did briefly mention the public disinvestment from higher education at the state level. I still think you're wrong on the big picture, but it's part of this blog's job to issue errata.
  • I'm almost... almost, but not quite over the cold. This virus has been with me long enough that I'm going to start charging rent.
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