January 13, 2009

Oversight boondoggle

Last week the Wall Street Journal lambasted Florida Governor Charlie Crist for failing to appeal a ruling that struck down the Florida Schools of Excellence Commission as an unconstitutional infringement on the powers of county school boards in Florida. The legislature wanted to set up the FSEC as a second authorizer of charter schools in case county boards were unfair and refused to let enough charter schools open. This bewildered me because Florida has no statutory cap and there are a few hundred charter schools in the state.

This afternoon, I remembered a blog entry written by St. Pete Times reporters in December: the FSEC has been spending the people's money like it was water, racking up almost half a million dollars in expenses over two fiscal years without authorizing a single charter school that has yet opened its doors. 

Isn't the Wall Street Journal supposed to have a conservative fiscal philosophy?

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