January 27, 2009

The good, the bad, and the supremely weird

The good

  • DeanDad shows that he understands higher-ed history far better than Stanley Fish.
  • Eduwonkette has a new gig (sociology at New York University).
  • Barack Obama has been president for a little less than a week, and he's already fulfilled a bunch of campaign promises. (Well, it's good from my perspective.)
  • Paul Krugman's been tearing up the world with ideas, corrections, and so forth.

The bad

  • The economy is still tanking. 
  • We lose Eduwonkette as an active blogger (though I'm hoping she returns after shoving a dozen articles out the door).
  • The new Treasury Secretary is one of the many Americans who didn't pay taxes correctly. His gig includes... supervising the collection of taxes.

The supremely weird

  • Central Florida school districts seem to be falling over each other (or maybe falling down in domino-fashion) to implement mandatory school-uniform policies. So much for basing policy on evidence... search for "mimetic isomorphism" to understand.
  • Rod Blagojevich defends himself not in the Illinois Senate but on daytime television because nothing says calm, reasoned discourse better than The View.
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