February 1, 2009

Well, that's supremely embarrassing...

I thought I was so clever to have transferred files from my laptop to a mobile device for travel to a symposium (special education, comparative). Travel light, I thought! But my brain had been the only light thing around, evidently, because I transferred everything except the document with the hotel name and address! This is the problem with assuming that you can pack for two trips without needing a list you double-check.

Fortunately, the symposium convener and my son both had my back, the convener on his mobile and my son helping with the laptop. So I know where I'm going, and I'm at a layover wondering if I want airport food. That's a much better dilemma than wondering where I'd sleep tonight. I think I'll go for the food, since I owe the symposium my very best thoughts, fueled with ... errr. Veggie burritos? Not brain food, but obviously my brain needs some help.

Oh, yeah, and I was in the air for the entire Super Bowl, held about 10 minutes from my house. Yes, I drove around the stadium on the way to the airport, the closest I'd been to a Super Bowl since the only one I've attended (Steelers 31, Rams 19; Nolan Cromwell is still regretting that dropped interception, but there were also two beautiful touchdown passes). Apparently the Steelers won another thriller without my witnessing it. Hope the rest of you enjoyed it!

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