February 11, 2009

Express gratitude when the roller coaster turns you upside down

Someone I respect has been pushing me and some other friends to think about what's going right in the world (and our lives), instead of focusing on the aggravations, of which there are too many. So in the spirit of exercising gratitude instead of exorcising aggravations...

  • My family is wonderful and is worth every second I spend with them and every bit of (the relatively little) pain I've endured for them.
  • Right now, I am snowed under by too many things, every one of which I have chosen to do of my own free will (or tasks I would choose anyway, such as breathing). If you're connected to a task I'm late on, please be assured that you are NOT low on the list; you're tied for second with 79 other people I owe things to! (My family comes first, no matter how good-looking you may be.)
  • We have a stimulus package. I could quibble and argue with bits and pieces, but we have something that's much, much better than nothing.
  • Tomorrow is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's and Abraham Lincoln's births. One argued that in the long run life is shaped and reshaped by randomness; the other argued that it should not be. We are the better for both of them.
  • The author of the next EPAA article (out VERY SHORTLY) found nothing wrong in the proof PDF "galleys." Nothing. (Yet.)
  • I've found plenty of things wrong in the proof of my own next publication, and I can say that it's all my own fault. Which means I can't and don't have to get angry at anyone else.
  • I've sent off my letter to the president, as I threatened/promised to do a while ago. At the very least, it will give a White House staff member a little more exercise with the letter-opener. No, you don't get to read it yet; it's impolite to distribute a letter to others before the intended recipient even has a chance to receive it.
  • The fact that I am behind on so many tasks just means that I won't be bored tomorrow.
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