February 20, 2009

One-Blog Schoolhouse, the Musical collection of ... edited blog entries

In the last few months, in odd moments, I've edited about three-dozen entries I've written in the past few years so you could hold the new One-Blog Schoolhouse in your hands after buying it at your local internet book dealer.

Why should you buy a book composed of blog entries that you could probably find somewhere online (i.e., here) and read for free?

  • The title is great. Admit it: you need to buy the book just because of the title.
  • There are only two ways you can read my letter to the president on education policy: work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or buy the book. The letter is in the prefatory materials, right after the acknowledgments.
  • I've taken care to edit the entries so you don't have to remember what was going on in the blogosphere in September 2007 or any other month.
  • I have secretly conspired to upgrade my blog platform a few months ago in such a way that the search-box no longer works. Bwahahaha!  Uh, no; that lack of functionality is not my fault, and you could use Google to find any blog entry here. But the book has a friendly table of contents and an index that will smile if you give it dark chocolate. (I need to get a PDF of the contents and index online, and when I do, I'll write another entry to point to it.)
  • While I have some selected reading suggestions in the text, there is a more complete list of references available for downloading right now.
  • When you are on a plane or otherwise disengaged from the internet, you can get the exact same experience that you would by reading my blog, except that you don't have backlighting, and the book itself is much lighter than whatever you're using to read this entry.
  • When you have a friend or colleague who just refuses to read blogs, you can put the book under her or his nose and say, "This is what you've been missing!"
  • You will find the book priced for an economic downturn, less expensive than anything else in print with my name as author or editor.
  • The cover has the friendly slogan in big red letters, "Don't Panic." Since the book cover is also red, you may find the slogan a little tough to find. But it's there!

So buy One-Blog Schoolhouse today.

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