March 9, 2009

Quips on "learning styles"

After the Dallas ISD blog entry on "learning styles" Friday, a few thoughts came to mind over the weekend (so this is a belated Out of Left Field Friday note):

  • I am so happy that people who claim to be kinesthetic learners don't actually try that out in all situations. "Officer, you shouldn't ticket me. I'm a kinesthetic learner, and I can assure you I understand Newton's laws a lot better now than before the accident!"
  • Someone at ETS must have been under the influence of learning-style beliefs when creating the "arranging baby marshmallows and spaghetti on blue paper to discover different ways to multiply binomials" lesson for the Springboard program used in my county. Isn't the gluing-macaroni-on-paper activity reserved for Mother's Day cards in first grade? (Hint, oh clueless curriculum developers: manipulatives should get students to the central ideas quickly.)

This morning, I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of students who are claiming to be Standard Time learners unable to learn via Daylight Savings styles... but maybe it's just the lost hour of sleep that's to blame.

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