March 12, 2009

Inconsistency illustrated

From an Andy Smarick blog entry yesterday afternoon:

I can't imagine how sad and frightened thousands of DC kids and parents are today.... The scuttling of this program will have a swift and severe influence on about 1,700 low-income boys and girls.

From Smarick's blog entry about 10 hours earlier:

The schools chief in Baltimore unveiled a laudable plan last night to close low-performing schools...

From the Baltimore Sun article:

While in the past, closing city schools have phased out over time, Alonso wants to make all the moves this summer.

As I wrote last week on the issue, there's a substantive question of how you handle school and program closures. But if you assert emotional trauma when one program is going to end suddenly, you shouldn't expect readers to take very seriously your praise of another policy decision that has the same lack of transition. The "sad and frightened" line may well have been ridiculed as cheap emotional blackmail if it had been used by parents upset with school closures in Baltimore, the District of Columbia, or New York City. Yes, there's a serious question on change vs. stability for individual students, but if the question is there in one setting, it's there in all settings.

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