March 21, 2009

The world is slowing, I'm speeding up, or I have acquired a few afterburner kits

I am now far less behind than I was in early December. The next EPAA article (to be published April 10) is in the can; I have another 5 in various post-acceptance stages, a bunch of decisions to be written up from my scribbles and reviewer comments, a revision ready to read, grad-student manuscripts in my "to read when I am nowhere near online" cache, a few more obligations out the door, more paperwork done, a small book out, several problems ironed out with the USF administration before they became crises, a few proposals inside USF, etc. 

A good part of this progress is thanks to one of the USF graduate students, Judy Castillo, who is editorial assistant for EPAA this year (my first, and of course I get this wonderful support as I'm in the home stretch for my editorial stint, but I'm incredibly grateful for her organization and editorial skill). I also owe thanks to some chunks of time hoarded and my decision to cut out several trips as I was sick twice in the last few months and looked at the obligations. So I am not headed to AERA in San Diego, I did not go to the AFT higher-ed conference in Miami, and I did not go to Tallahassee two times that I would have liked to. I suspect that my spouse will tell me to eliminate at least one or two more trips before the end of the academic year. And for several reasons I will not be traveling in the first half of the week any time next year, unless I have one of my children with me.

Note that I did not say I am ahead. I have three embarrassingly-late academic obligations to clear up, and other things that will continue to pop up or need to be addressed, including the EPAA MSs where I have an e-mail that needs to be written up (these are usually revise-and-resubmit requests because that takes time to condense the advice and figure out what are the highest priorities). But I am far less behind and have many fewer embarrassingly-late obligations at the moment than I did several months ago.

As the economy crumbles, at least my professional life is calmer than it used to be. My thanks to all the afterburner help I've been receiving in recent months.

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