April 17, 2009

Northwest Florida State College president indicted on perjury

As several news sources are now reporting, a Leon County, Florida, grand jury is indicting former Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom and Northwest Florida State College President Bob Richburg on charges of official misconduct over the shuttling of state funds to the college. In addition, the grand jury is indicting Richburg for perjury. The second is the big surprise, and it signals something very important about how Richburg could not stop being arrogant when he was testifying in front of the grand jury. Below is a Youtube clip from the Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times Capitol Bureau of Leon County Attorney Willie Meggs on the indictments:

Since Sansom's resignation at the beginning of the year, I've heard from several people that he got caught up in dealings with the developer and Richburg. I'm willing to believe that to a limited extent; the grand jury obviously believes that he's culpable for starting to implement Richburg's plans, and there's a simple word with which one can respond to these suggestions: no. Let's hope this discourages for a few years both legislators and college administrators from trying to foster back-scratching relationships that exploit the public.

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