April 26, 2009

Brevard County schools want to go out of business?

Apparently the Brevard school district has a problem when the nondenominational church renting space on Sundays from a Melbourne elementary school wants to attract new parishioners by talking about sex within marriage (hat tip). Never mind that this is now standard fare in churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.

Despite teaching many children of NASA workers (Brevard County includes the Kennedy Space Center), Brevard school officials must be afraid that even if they are nowhere near school on Sunday, students of the elementary school will somehow be polluted/corrupted if a mailing to adults mentions "sex" and the school name on the same page. As my wife shot back when I explained why I was laughing, "Don't they know where their students come from?"

I suspect that Brevard has no legal basis for discriminating against the church on the content of sermons, and I hope they are ridiculed to the point of backing down before the contract is up for renewal. I'm not Christian, but this is absurd.

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