June 13, 2009

Mostly useless... except for blogging

I don't know if any other bloggers has the experience I occasionally do, of wondering if people ever read my blog to see if I'm skipping work that I owe them. At almost any time, I owe scads of work to others, and I suppose they might all think I'm shirking my work when I blog. I suspect that is now true for Twitter and Facebook as well.  It's probably more of a suspicion with the social-networking sites, in part because there are a lot more people at any time twittering and puttering on Facebook than are writing blog entries.

I may post a few entries tonight, primarily because I can't concentrate on reading this evening. What do you do when distractible to the point when a gripping war memoir starts to put you to sleep? In my case, it'll probably be mopping the kitchen and blogging. And wondering who wonders why I'm blogging instead of working on a Saturday night.

Oh, yeah. Saturday night. That explains it, too.

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