July 7, 2009

Not a love fest on mayoral control, but close

Something in the National Journal's website is swallowing spaces after periods when I submit comments, and I discovered that I could not edit remarks after submitting them, but those are not really the important matters. It turns out that at least for most of the respondents who have written thus far this week, no one believes that mayoral control is a cure-all for city school systems (or those who do have been chastened enough to admit the obvious). I think that of the comments thus far, Randi Weingarten's has been the most upbeat about mayoral control, at least in NYC. Go figure. But we have close to a consensus.

For my friend who asked me Sunday why I hadn't written a blog entry in five days, here's your entry and a pointer to another one, and another one in a few seconds. No promises about how long these will be, at least for the next week or two. I had a great weekend, but the fact that I spent about 12 hours this weekend reading student work tells you something about it.

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