July 10, 2009

Those evil union supporters who denigrate objective measures...

Quick: who said the following recently?

We do see the incredible power of setting stretch goals. But if you set a goal that's really not within reach, people will just give up on it and you really don't have a goal. We've seen this over and over. I think there's as much talking down of goals around here as there is of actually saying, "You're not thinking big enough."

Oh, this evil denigrator of the value of objective goals. From the text, you might conclude that this person is a teacher union supporter who will die before wanting to break down the firewall between teacher records and student test scores.

Except that the speaker was Wendy Kopp, head of Teacher for America and someone who said later in the interview that she is an advocate of using data and setting goals. But there's an important piece here about motivations and goals. No, I don't have answers for the K-12 world, but as I will continue to state until someone proves me wrong, there is something deeply wrong when an historian knows more about the relevant goals and motivation literature than most of the people who advocate setting extremely high goals in education.

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