August 4, 2009

Your personal, homemade commission on tenure and test scores

Sick of finger-pointing in the absence of a New York state commission to study how to use test scores in teacher evaluation (including tenure) decisions? Look no further! In this space, we will be conducting our own homegrown commission over the next three months. No need for the New York Assembly and Senate to act! We'll do it ourselves.

What? you say. You're in Florida. Well, yes, but everyone knows that Florida is just the Southern branch of New York. My father grew up on Flatbush Avenue and graduated from Lincoln High School. He was in New York City for his residency in pediatrics (with an office in Bellevue, but that's another story). The Yankees' spring training home? Eight miles from my house. 

And if that doesn't convince you, you should know that Alexander Russo runs his blog on Chicago schools from Long Island. If he can do that, I can run a citizens' commission for New York from here (and then someone in Chicago can run something in Florida).

Apply in comments: name, role in New York education, what you'll bring to the table.

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