August 7, 2009

Logjams in time... er, timejams?

For the last few years the pace of my life has been such that I've rarely had the chance to look at the ebb and flow of various things at work, largely because there hasn't been such a thing as an ebb. And while I'm not seeing an ebb right now, I see at least the least possible glimmer of hope that the logjam in my head and schedule is at least not getting worse. I have the next two articles for EPAA ready to go, the following two English articles for the journal mostly prepared, a slew of new submissions with their initial readings finished, several revisions read and decided on, and now I'm into decisions with reviews in hand and assignment of reviewers for new submissions. At least for the last year for me, revise-and-resubmit letters have been the hardest to write and taken the longest time, because each one requires explicit advice on what to change as opposed to reasons why the manuscript is not being accepted or minor additions to my standard "your article is wonderful! and here's what to do while preparing a final copy" template.

And, on top of that, I have one manuscript revision promised by the middle of this month, plus assorted other tasks. Oh, yes, and the semester begins on the 24th. But I'm chugging along on backlog and should get through the worst of it by the start of the semester, assuming disasters don't plop themselves in the middle of my life.

In other words, my foreseeable free time is feeling much like the economy: not heading downwards, bobbing along, and possibly looking up in the next three months. And, speaking of which, time to organize the logistics for the weekend. This afternoon and tomorrow: EPAA, maybe some manuscript revision when my editorial batteries run low. Sunday: visit to (quite wonderful) mother-in-law!

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