August 12, 2009

Belated kudos to Broader, Bolder and to Fordham

In the whirlwind of my obligations this year, my reading has lagged, and I am late in recommending and praising two reports published in the first half of 2009:

  • The Broader, Bolder Approach's accountability report, published in late June. This report suggests combining the use of achievement test data and on-site school inspections for school-level accountability. For those who have read Accountability Frankenstein, you'll know that I agree with those ideas. This report addresses the central gap in the original Broader, Bolder manifesto, and I am delighted to have read the proposal.
  • In March, the Fordham Institute published a report recommending a scaled approach to accountability when private schools take public dollars. Their proposal is roughly that the more dependent a private school is on public funding, the more the school has to provide data and be accountable in a way similar or parallel to local public schools.

Both are thoughtful, well-reasoned brief arguments, and they move each debate in interesting directions. Whether or not you agree with the conclusions, you'll have things to think about.

Updated: Aaaaargh! Six days later, I realize I've been calling the group the Bolder, Broader Approach instead of the other way around. Dear readers: when I make a stupid error, please point it out as soon as you see it.

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