August 28, 2009

Charlie Crist, George LeMieux, and higher ed searches

Well, it looked like a foregone conclusion early on, and though the hiring authority promised a wide-ranging search for the best talent available, and he went through all the motions of a search, in the end it was the inside candidate who won out, just as a number of people predicted.

Yep: Florida Governor Charlie Crist picked his alter ego, his political shadow George LeMieux, to replace Mel Martinez and become Florida's Interim Senator until the 2010 election. 

There are two reasons why Crist picked LeMieux: he can rely on LeMieux to act in ways beneficial to Crist's own bid for election to the seat, and because Crist is human and susceptible to the availability heuristic. Like all of us, he is biased towards the most easily thought-of explanation or solution. In this case, it's his good friend and confidante George LeMieux.

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