August 30, 2009

Race to the Top comment sausage

A friend of mine from Chicago introduced me to the term link sausage as a blog entry that is not much more than a set of links. Here are links to various comments on Race to the Top (a tiny slice of the well-over-thousand comments submitted):

As I expected, others have started to chime in on the NEA comments. The New York Times took the comments as a sign of obstinance. Former Park Ridge Education Association president Fred Klonsky wrote,

While it seems to me that it is late in coming, the letter from Brilliant is well deserved, and [Sherman] Dorn's comments notwithstanding, I think it reflects the views of the NEA membership. At least among those who have been following the debate.

I think that was my point: the comments reflected the views of a large slice of the NEA membership, but not in a productive fashion, and I fear that on balance it will harm the concrete interests of teachers (both in and out of the NEA) no matter how you want to define those interests. 

Note: As Klosnky points out in comments, he's not an ex-president (yet). The error is all mine in sloppy reading of his about page.

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