October 4, 2009

Power outage

Some things you just have to laugh at. I charged out of the house this morning to get the car's oil changed and head to my office to chug through teaching and other work stuff. In the last five hours, I've spent half of the time waiting for the car (and trying not to grit my teeth at the television blaring in the waiting room) and then I saw the lights dim in my office 20 minutes ago as the power went out. I hear the generator outside my office keeping the HVAC minimally operating, and I can run this laptop on batteries for a few hours, but I think this is a signal (like the fire alarm a few weeks ago) that maybe I should shift to where I can get some work done, if not the work I intended to do (such as record a presentation or three). 

I think I'll prep a few things for another location and then head out.

So what has been the greatest (or funniest) frustration for you this week?

Update (8:45 pm): It was a power outage throughout the Tampa campus, and some side effects knocked out the university's course management system (Blackboard). Ironically, as my colleague Kathleen de la Pena McCook (who cowrites Union Librarian) this morning was the day that Kevin Carey's Washington Monthly prediction of an online higher-ed future appeared in the St. Petersburg Times.

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