December 18, 2009

Endings and beginnings

Earlier this week, the dishwasher broke. So we've been doing dishes by hand for a few days. We have a delivery of the new one tomorrow sometime, and the majority of the world doesn't have dishwashers, so what am I complaining about? Not complaining, but just thinking of how doing dishes by hand is a good metaphor for how much of my semester has felt: this should be going faster, easier, and for now, this is just life. If you see me in the next few months, don't ask about what's fallen through the cracks. I know, and I'm working on it.

It's the last day of school before break for the rest of my family, and after I submitted grades earlier this week I've been playing catchup on both work and nonwork chores. There's a boatload of editing tasks I've just started, and that will probably consume the bulk of work time over the next few weeks. There are some union-related tasks, some conversations with individual students about independent study and dissertation work, and some paperwork that I need to do.

In the meantime, there are some good things to savor: problems avoided or solved, friends and relatives with accomplishments or other good news, plans for travel with my college-hunting daughter or to observe Canadian faculty in the wild (i.e., at a conference), some projects of my own in process (and close to fruition), fun ideas that keep popping into my head for a long-term book project, other projects lined up that I am looking forward to working on, books I am looking forward to reading, and anything that brings a smile to my face for completely silly reasons.

Until I get a good bit of the chores done, I'll be on a light blogging schedule. Have a good rest of the month, a wonderful holiday if you celebrate any ongoing or upcoming holidays, and a wonderful start to 2010.

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