January 16, 2010

Starting the semester with a bang

As some of you may know, my semester started out with a bang, or a crash, or at least some broken lights. Minor car accident Monday morning; I stopped for a yellow light, but the driver of the van behind me didn't get the clues. There have been some other things going on since the beginning of January, and here's just a smattering:

  • Ratification of a Memorandum of Understanding between my union chapter and the University of South Florida Board of Trustees to authorize a domestic partner health insurance stipend and an early retirement incentive program. I ran or set up four voting times on the Tampa campus, organized materials for the three smaller campuses, drove to collect the ballots from one of those campuses, ran the counting of ballots, answered questions from bargaining-unit employees.
  • Major collective bargaining session yesterday afternoon, which entailed a good bit of preparation.
  • Campus politics, which shall remain unspecified.
  • Did a longer turn than usual this week as Father Chauffeur, because both of my children are in high school, so their schedule was juggled for end-of-semester finals.
  • Ran around a bit more than usual because of the accident.
  • Ran around a bit to help my wife with her executor duties.
  • Ran around just to stay warm.
  • Finished preparing some articles to be published in EPAA later this month. Corresponded with new editor (hi, Gustavo!) on transitional issues.
  • Am more behind than I expected on some things this new semester. At least I won't be bored!
  • Tried to get in a reasonable complement of exercise, despite deciding not to take on martial arts the evening of the accident. (Some of the stuff we're working on this week involves hitting our partner on the collarbone/shoulder. I thought that wouldn't be smart on the same day.)

Tomorrow I head off with my daughter to a colder city than Tampa for one last round of college visiting, unless she wants to revisit a college before making decisions. Because it'll be a quick trip (and the new security procedures thanks to a guy who stuffs explosives in his underwear), I won't bring my work laptop. When I get back, loads of work awaits.  

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