January 20, 2010

Odds and ends from the peanut gallery

It's a few minutes before closing at this Super-Brand coffee store, so it's time for a few thoughts...

  • The successor editorial team at Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analiticos de Politicas Educativas has unveiled the new website. New submissions should head there. For a few months you'll still see articles I accepted, but otherwise, go Gustavo and company! (My apologies for not having figured out how to get accented characters to show in this version of MovableType.)
  • I'm still feeling fine after the accident on the 11th. My car... well, let's just say that we'll be doing our part for the recovery, thanks to an insurance company and our bank account. 
  • The theme of the month thus far is "nothing happens without hiccups and red tape." I swear that if I die before the end of January, I'll have to fill out several forms before I'm buried or cremated. 
  • Did the Cowboys release Martha Coakley at the end of November? Sure looks like it now. 
  • Paul Krugman says he's "pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama." I like Krugman's public writings a great deal, but didn't Krugman give up on Obama several times in early 2008 (and in a rather nasty way)? Cue the editorial cartoonist and lines from Brokeback Mountain.
  • My daughter and I went on our last joint college visit over the holiday weekend. I wondered aloud if the sparkly bits in the sidewalk were either mica or the remains of Stephanie Meyer vampires. My daughter would have winced except that she barely got through Twilight without the gag reflex taking control.

The friendly mop is now telling me I need to go, though its wielder is saying otherwise. Time to go. 

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