February 22, 2010

I cannot take credit for Sansom's departure

Apparently Ray Sansom's lawyer Gloria Fletcher has blamed bloggers for the downfall of her client. Since I was pretty active in writing about the Sansom affair in late 2008 and early 2009, maybe Ms. Fletcher means me... except that almost all I did was refer people by links to news stories written by Alex Leary or reporters at the Northwest Florida Daily News. Maybe she's referring to Tampa-area Democratic activist Susan Smith, except that I don't know that Smith blogs outside the DailyKos site (and there she's one of hundreds of thousands of writers), though she does produce a political podcast. Fletcher also blamed the House Republicans for their unfair procedural rulings. She could also probably blame the media--the aforementioned Leary from the St Pete Times and Miami Herald joint capitol bureau, as well as newspaper editorial boards around the state who jumped on the incredibly unfair bandwagon thinking that Sansom might have had a few ethical problems. And I'm guessing that when the criminal case is finally heard, she will start to blame Sansom's partners in the scandal, Bob Richburg and Jay Odom.

I don't think I played a role in events other than to keep a rolling list of links as the story unfolded. I am sure that many of the other individuals and groups played a role, but there's one place that Ray Sansom needs to look to figure out the cause of all this: his mirror.

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