February 24, 2010

Title II proposal: TNTP, meet Florida's "Ippy-Dippy"

The New Teacher Project has a new advocacy brief out proposing changes in ESEA's Title II, which is supposed to focus on personnel development. Some of the observations and proposals make sense (let's stop paying money for 90-minute drive-by "professional development"). Some are essentially using Title II as a vehicle for pushing other agendas (teacher evaluation and differential pay), though only some of it fits easily within Title II (here, training administrators and peers to evaluate teachers makes sense in Title II).

And some ideas are proposed as brand-new but have been tried before, including the suggestion that professional development be tied explicitly to the needs of students that teachers have at the moment. That seems to me to be remarkably like the Florida mandate for an "Individual Professional Development Plan," or IPDP. I've heard the complaints of too many teachers about the IPDP, which is usually pronounced Ippy-Dippy: it's another few hours of paperwork to complete each year with no real individualization of professional development. In other words, in Florida it results too often in paper compliance only.

But I'm only an historian listening to teachers in one state. If you live outside Florida, does your state mandate anything like our "Ippy-Dippy" form? What happens outside the paperwork?

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