August 28, 2001

First day of classes

Thirty-three students came to my lower-division Social Foundations of Education class this morning. Since the cap is 45, and a few other sections are being cancelled, I expect a surge on Thursday. That's no real problem, and I'm willing to have such "section refugees." The class was quiet. A plurality at the moment are in the physical education program (i.e., preparing to be P.E. teachers), and this will be an interesting experience for all of us. I've included one paper topic that should be of interest to them (what happens to P.E. programs in budget cuts). I have halfway reorganized my overheads and added a few cartoons to the first-day spiel. As usual, I took photographs of the students (and will do so for the new students Thursday), so I can learn their names. I'm awful with names and faces and need the help desperately. It's my first-week homework.

After class, I added their e-mails to the class list and went to work on a few other things. I've been having troubles for 2 years using FrontPage. I've now deleted it entirely and will reinstall, to see if that fixes things. I doubt it, but it's worth a shot.

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August 24, 2001

Ramping up

And I thought the summer was busy...  I'm up for tenure this year, teaching two courses, being a director/principal investigator of one small project, associate director of another (larger) one, and evaluator of a third, co-coordinator of a program within a professional association, co-editor of a book review project that's just started up this year, and who knows what else. I made some headway this week on a few things, including drafting the front end of a web database on history of education/childhood research projects. In part I want to encourage folks to conduct conference matchmaking by themselves as much as possible, and this might just help. I need to wait for suggestions, revise, put the "results" pages together, and then post everything officially (and wait for it to work, with some luck).

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August 14, 2001


I've reconstructed my work site and, after discussing a spate of plagiarism with colleagues, drafted a sometimes-ascerbic tutorial on plagiarism. I was wondering what to call it, perhaps the "irreverent plagiarism tutorial"—and then thought that some readers would think the "irreverent" referred to plagiarism. Then I thought about how my experiences with student plagiarism (e.g., this spring) has served as the basis for this effort, and how it's a bit the case of making lemonade from lemons. (Students: most of you don't plagiarize. One of the reasons why I hate plagiarism is that it infects how I like at other students.) Since lemonade still has that acidic taste, there came the title.

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August 7, 2001

Reconstructing a webpage

Since students often do use my webpages during the semester, I need to make sure that my main work site is current, and I've decided to overhaul it completely. Aaarrrggghhh! Well, I fiddled this morning with a cascading style sheet and have begun editing the text this afternoon. It should be done shortly—well, by the end of the week.

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