September 7, 2002

First-time adjustments

Ah, the first time teaching a course, and you have to shift everything around ... Some students in my on-line course ordered the books from Barnes and Noble, which didn't have them in stock. So, inevitably, that was the book that we start in the second week of the course. So, its being an on-line course, the adjustment is simple, merging the discussion threads for the whole book so I don't evaluate anyone's comments until after the whole period, and also delaying the first paper a few days.

The students, all of whom are in a vocational/technical teacher education program, are more skeptical of the "established order," economically speaking, than I expected, heavily criticizing a recent Florida Chamber of Commerce report (which was the first reading). So I need to finish up evaluating their first week's worth of comments, make some general remarks, and finish my essay for next week (which I need to put up on the web site this weekend).

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