January 29, 2004

Chinese Immigrant Children

Research Project: I am conducting research on Chinese immigrant children in San Francisco in the late 19th and early 20th century. I am especially interested in the effects of Chinese exclusion legislation in limiting their entry into the United States as well as the experiences of those children who were successful in settling in the city. I will be examining the role of these children in the local labor market, city educational institutions and the Chinatown community. Any references or source suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Lists of Colleges that have Closed or Changed their Names

Researcher: Ray Brown brownr@westminster-mo.edu

Project Description: Lists of colleges and universities that have closed, merged, or changed their names.

A set of lists is offered at http://www2.westminster-mo.edu/wc_users/homepages/staff/brownr/ClosedCollegeIndex.htm. The intent of the exercise is to offer a place where interested individuals can check to see if an institution is now closed or if the name has been changed due to a merger or for other reasons.

The entire list is available in both .html (2,000+ KB) and .pdf (500+ KB) formats. These files include over 2,500 institutions. Separate files are included for each of the states and the District of Columbia in the United States. A list of international institutions has also been added recently.

Each entry includes the name of the institution, location, dates of operation if they are known, affiliation, brief historical sketch, and the sources of the information.

The lists are maintained as a hobby and any updates, corrections, links to additional information, or suggestions to improve the usefulness of the list(s) is appreciated. Also, any contributions or suggestions from those with knowledge of institutions outside the United States are especially welcome!!

The Future? It would be great to include information about the location of academic records for specific institutions and to convert all the information to a database that would allow more flexible searching. Unfortunately, I may have to retire before this becomes a reality!!

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Landscape of child caring institutions in Rhode Island

This research projects attempts to inventory and examine the array of orphanages,foundling homes, infant asylums, and other specialized institutions across a number of variables including types of children accepted, educational policies, management, terms of residence, gender, race, and ethnicity.

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Needed: historiography and educational history

After the recent spate of posts on H-Education on presentism (see the January 2004 log for the posts), I've been confirmed in a few hesitant beliefs over the last few years:

  1. There is a crying need for good historiography that's accessible to the general public; and
  2. The history of education and childhood would be a good vehicle, because everyone thinks they know something about the time since they've grown up.

I wrote a sabbatical proposal a year ago for such a project, but after it didn't get funded I'm now on to other things that have popped up since.

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January 03, 2004

Mini-bibliography: Histories of math education

Five recent articles on the history of math education in the 19th/early 20th century, culled from the H-Education "current journal articles" postings.

Crilly, Tony. "Arthur Cayley as Sadleirian Professor: A Glimpse of
Mathematics Teaching at 19th Century Cambridge," _Historia Mathematica_
26(2)(May 1999): 125-160.

Delve, Janet. "The College of Preceptors and the Educational Times: Changes for British mathematics education in the mid-nineteenth century," _Historia Mathematica_ 30(2)(May 2003): 140-172.

Kastanis, Andreas. "The teaching of mathematics in the Greek military academy during the first years of its foundation (1828-1834)," _Historia Mathematica_ 30(2)(May 2003): 123-139.

Herbst, P. G. "Establishing a Custom of Proving in American School Geometry: Evolution of the Two-Column Proof in the Early Twentieth Century," _Educational Studies in Mathematics_ 49(3)(March 2002): 283-312.

Silva da Silva, Circe Mary. "The Influence of Positivism on the Teaching of
Mathematics in Brazil, 1870-1930," _Historia Mathematica_ 26(4)(November
1999): 327-343.

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January 02, 2004

Mini-bibliography: Histories of African education

Another culling from the H-Education "current journal articles" listings--this is a list of thirteen recent (1998-2003) historical articles on African education topics.

Chisholm, Linda. "Change and Continuity in South African Education: The Impact of Policy," _African Studies_ 58(1)(July 1999): 87-104.

Coe, Cati. "Educating an African Leadership: Achimota and the Teaching of African Culture in the Gold Coast [1920s-1960s]," _Africa Today_ 49(3)(Fall 2002): 23-44.

Durrill, Wayne K. "Shaping a Settler Elite: Students, Competition, and Leadership at South African College, 1829–95," _Journal of African History_ 41(2)(July 2000): 221-239.

Erlank, Natasha. "'Raising Up the Degraded Daughters of Africa': The
Provision of Education for Xhosa Women in the Mid-Nineteenth Century,"
_South African Historical Journal_ 43(2000): 24-38.

Gonzalez, Michael C. "Re-educating Namibia: The Early Years of Radical
Education Reform, 1990-1995," _Africa Today_ 47(1)(Winter 2000): 105-244.

Harrington, John A., and Ambreena Manji. "'Mind with Mind and Spirit with Spirit': Lord Denning and African Legal Education," _Journal of Law and Society_ 30(3)(2003): 376-???.

Lulat, Y. G-M. "Confronting the Burden of the Past: The Historical Antecedents of the Present Predicament of African Universities," _Higher Education_ 18(2003): 595-668.

Mesthrie, Rajend. "Words Across Worlds: Aspects of Language Contact and Language Learning in the Eastern Cape, 1800-1850," _African Studies_
57(1)(July 1998): 5-26.

Mohammed, Yasien. "Teaching Arabic in South Africa: Historical and
Pedagogical Trends," _Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs_ 18(2)(October
1998): 315-328.

Sheldon, Kathleen. "'Studied with the Nuns, Learning to Make Blouses':
Gender Ideology and Colonial Education in Mozambique,"_International Journal of African Historical Studies_ 31(3) (1998): 595-625.

Skinner, Rob. "'Natives are not critical of photographic quality': Censorship, Education and Films in African Colonies Between the wars," _University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History_ 2(April 2001): fulltext available online without a subscription at http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/HUMCENTR/usjch/rskinner2.html

Vinck, Honore. "A l'école au Congo Belge. Texte et commentaire d'un livre de lecture de 1935," _Annales AEquatoria_, 23(2002): [no pages]; see also the fascinating related website http://www.abbol.com/english/projects/afr_con_schoolbooks.php , "The African Colonial Schoolbooks Project"

Wieder, Alan. "'They Can't Take our Souls': Teachers' League of South
Africa Reflections of Apartheid," _Race, Ethnicity, and Education_ 4(2)(June
2001): 145-166.

Yusuf, Ahmad Aminu. "The West African Students Union and its Contribution to the Anti-Colonial Struggle," _Africa Quarterly_ 38(4)(1998): 101-124.

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Teaching Brown website

The Teaching Brown website features first-person essays and teaching resources by college and K-12 educators regarding the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation decision and its legacy.

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January 01, 2004

Mini-bibliography: Recent articles in the history of Sex Education

Five recent articles on the history of sex education....culled from the "current journal articles" posts on H-Education.

Carter, Julian B. "Birds, Bees, and Venereal Disease: Toward an Intellectual History of Sex Education," _Journal of the History of Sexuality_ 10(2)(April 2001): [sorry, no pages].

Lord, Alexandra M. "Models of Masculinity: Sex Education, the United States Public Health Service, and the YMCA, 1919-1924," _Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences_ 58(2)(April 2003): 123-152.

McCray Beier, Lucinda. "'We Were Green as Grass': Learning about Sex and Reproduction in Three Working-class Lancashire Communities, 1900-70," _Social History of Medicine_ 16(3)(December 2003): [no pages, sorry].

Rushing, Wanda. "'Sin, Sex, and Segregation': Social Control and the Education of Southern Women," _Gender and Education_ 14(2)(June 2002): 167-179.

Warne, Ellen. "Sex Education Debates and the Modest Mother in Australia, 1890s to the 1930s," _Women's History Review_ 8(2)(1999): 311-328.

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History of special education in urban South

Researcher: Sherman Dorn

Project description: A history of the development of special education in several cities in the urban South. Work has already been done on Nashville from the late 1930s through 1990.

Writings: A project report to the federal government is available through ERIC. An article appeared in the History of Education Quarterly, Fall 2002. Conference papers are available upon request from the researcher. I hope to write a book and expanded the scope beyond Nashville for a comparative perspective.

Additional comments: Nashville had some interesting dynamics (having a university research program from the early 1950s, an active parent group, and a moderately activist city school system), but I need to look at more cities. I'd welcome suggestions for other Southern cities based on specific knowledge of archival materials or individuals who might be interviewed for the project.

Time scope: Aaarrggghhh! Don't ask, please. There are several other items that are higher on my list of priorities, so this is a long-term project.

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