January 03, 2004

Mini-bibliography: Histories of math education

Five recent articles on the history of math education in the 19th/early 20th century, culled from the H-Education "current journal articles" postings.

Crilly, Tony. "Arthur Cayley as Sadleirian Professor: A Glimpse of
Mathematics Teaching at 19th Century Cambridge," _Historia Mathematica_
26(2)(May 1999): 125-160.

Delve, Janet. "The College of Preceptors and the Educational Times: Changes for British mathematics education in the mid-nineteenth century," _Historia Mathematica_ 30(2)(May 2003): 140-172.

Kastanis, Andreas. "The teaching of mathematics in the Greek military academy during the first years of its foundation (1828-1834)," _Historia Mathematica_ 30(2)(May 2003): 123-139.

Herbst, P. G. "Establishing a Custom of Proving in American School Geometry: Evolution of the Two-Column Proof in the Early Twentieth Century," _Educational Studies in Mathematics_ 49(3)(March 2002): 283-312.

Silva da Silva, Circe Mary. "The Influence of Positivism on the Teaching of
Mathematics in Brazil, 1870-1930," _Historia Mathematica_ 26(4)(November
1999): 327-343.

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January 02, 2004

Mini-bibliography: Histories of African education

Another culling from the H-Education "current journal articles" listings--this is a list of thirteen recent (1998-2003) historical articles on African education topics.

Chisholm, Linda. "Change and Continuity in South African Education: The Impact of Policy," _African Studies_ 58(1)(July 1999): 87-104.

Coe, Cati. "Educating an African Leadership: Achimota and the Teaching of African Culture in the Gold Coast [1920s-1960s]," _Africa Today_ 49(3)(Fall 2002): 23-44.

Durrill, Wayne K. "Shaping a Settler Elite: Students, Competition, and Leadership at South African College, 1829–95," _Journal of African History_ 41(2)(July 2000): 221-239.

Erlank, Natasha. "'Raising Up the Degraded Daughters of Africa': The
Provision of Education for Xhosa Women in the Mid-Nineteenth Century,"
_South African Historical Journal_ 43(2000): 24-38.

Gonzalez, Michael C. "Re-educating Namibia: The Early Years of Radical
Education Reform, 1990-1995," _Africa Today_ 47(1)(Winter 2000): 105-244.

Harrington, John A., and Ambreena Manji. "'Mind with Mind and Spirit with Spirit': Lord Denning and African Legal Education," _Journal of Law and Society_ 30(3)(2003): 376-???.

Lulat, Y. G-M. "Confronting the Burden of the Past: The Historical Antecedents of the Present Predicament of African Universities," _Higher Education_ 18(2003): 595-668.

Mesthrie, Rajend. "Words Across Worlds: Aspects of Language Contact and Language Learning in the Eastern Cape, 1800-1850," _African Studies_
57(1)(July 1998): 5-26.

Mohammed, Yasien. "Teaching Arabic in South Africa: Historical and
Pedagogical Trends," _Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs_ 18(2)(October
1998): 315-328.

Sheldon, Kathleen. "'Studied with the Nuns, Learning to Make Blouses':
Gender Ideology and Colonial Education in Mozambique,"_International Journal of African Historical Studies_ 31(3) (1998): 595-625.

Skinner, Rob. "'Natives are not critical of photographic quality': Censorship, Education and Films in African Colonies Between the wars," _University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History_ 2(April 2001): fulltext available online without a subscription at http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/HUMCENTR/usjch/rskinner2.html

Vinck, Honore. "A l'école au Congo Belge. Texte et commentaire d'un livre de lecture de 1935," _Annales AEquatoria_, 23(2002): [no pages]; see also the fascinating related website http://www.abbol.com/english/projects/afr_con_schoolbooks.php , "The African Colonial Schoolbooks Project"

Wieder, Alan. "'They Can't Take our Souls': Teachers' League of South
Africa Reflections of Apartheid," _Race, Ethnicity, and Education_ 4(2)(June
2001): 145-166.

Yusuf, Ahmad Aminu. "The West African Students Union and its Contribution to the Anti-Colonial Struggle," _Africa Quarterly_ 38(4)(1998): 101-124.

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January 01, 2004

Mini-bibliography: Recent articles in the history of Sex Education

Five recent articles on the history of sex education....culled from the "current journal articles" posts on H-Education.

Carter, Julian B. "Birds, Bees, and Venereal Disease: Toward an Intellectual History of Sex Education," _Journal of the History of Sexuality_ 10(2)(April 2001): [sorry, no pages].

Lord, Alexandra M. "Models of Masculinity: Sex Education, the United States Public Health Service, and the YMCA, 1919-1924," _Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences_ 58(2)(April 2003): 123-152.

McCray Beier, Lucinda. "'We Were Green as Grass': Learning about Sex and Reproduction in Three Working-class Lancashire Communities, 1900-70," _Social History of Medicine_ 16(3)(December 2003): [no pages, sorry].

Rushing, Wanda. "'Sin, Sex, and Segregation': Social Control and the Education of Southern Women," _Gender and Education_ 14(2)(June 2002): 167-179.

Warne, Ellen. "Sex Education Debates and the Modest Mother in Australia, 1890s to the 1930s," _Women's History Review_ 8(2)(1999): 311-328.

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